Cecilia Martin-Löf, Conductor



Cecilia Martin-Löf, Conductor, Sweden

Cecilia Martin-Löf, dirigent conductor Sweden  

Cecilia Martin-Löf 
is a Swedish conductor with broad experience of both choir conducting and orchestral conducting.

During her career she has worked with choirs at all levels and in many different genres and contexts - in 12 cities in Europe ( see full CV ).



Since 2007 Cecilia has been based as "Director Cantorum" at Lund University:
In this assignment she is the leader of the choirs "Lund Academic Choir" (Lunds Akademiska Kör), founded 1927,  
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and the Palaestra Vocal Ensemble (Palaestra Vokalensemble), at Odeum, Lund University.
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Lunds Akademiska kör Sweden



Mendelsohn Elias in Sweden October 2019


 Concert with Lucia songs 2018 in Lund


 Concert at Magle concert hall Lund 2018



Concert 2018 at Magle konserthus  Magle concert hall in Lund


As orchestral conductor, Cecilia has worked with, among others, Östgöta Blasarsymfoniker, Gävle Symphony Orchestra, The Entertainment Orchestra at Danmarks Radio. Her degree in orchestral conducting was conducted with the Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra.



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